Migrating My Content

Hello! I’m so enthused by the work of Reclaim Hosting, the hosting provider I’m using, that I’ll be migrating my content from across the past several years and platforms to here. This will include former wordpress blogs (for Dean DePauw’s Ethics & Integrity in Academia course in Fall 2017, in addition to others predating grad… Read more Migrating My Content

Week 2: Networked Learning, Open Working, and Tension

Hi y’all! I cannot speak for others, but throughout my development as an engineer (2.5 decades) and now as an instructor (4 semesters), I’ve experienced significant tension between the externally-imposed expectations and goals I’m supposed to work toward, versus the underlying reasons I am an engineer or instructor at all. Tension I’m lucky to have… Read more Week 2: Networked Learning, Open Working, and Tension


Welcome! This will function as my professional, public-facing blog. I look forward to joining in & contributing to ongoing discussions on engineering in pursuit of a just world, effective teaching practices focused on student empowerment, belief systems and the hidden curriculum in engineering education, online education and community-building, the politics of technical artifacts w.r.t grassroots… Read more First!